SaccoTek is an integrated property & real estate management system that was designed and developed to provide an efficient and effective solution to the numerous issues that hinder Property Management Agencies and Real Estate companies countrywide.

Easing Tenancy Management at the click of a button

This module is designed to assist property agencies to manage an unlimited number of real estate properties, their tenants and also the utility bills that are to be charged. There also exists a provision for capture of landlords, caretakers and other critical data. Once you create the real estate development, you will be required to fill details of the number of rooms available in it eg. One Bedroom, Two Bedroom etc, and their identifications eg. Hse 1A, Hse 1B. On completion you can now view a report of the vacant houses and easily reserve one for a prospective tenant via the graphical assistant map or the listing mode. When you successfully assign a tenant to a house, they are automatically invoiced for the house deposit as registered when the house was added into the system. The system will also invoice the tenant on the first day of the month, both the rent and utilities which include power and water bills. The system auto generates a defaulters list once the last date of payment elapses. There exists an option of applying fines to defaulters though it can be reversed wherever an instance of erroneous insertion to the system is indicated. The system will also compute deductions on a landlord’s account whether they have one or more properties, and generate a final figure that the agency will be at liberty to pay. The deductions include commissions, repair charges, deposit refunds and others like advance payments. A detailed statement can be printed or emailed to the landlord.

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