Sacco Management Software


To achieve this, the system has been developed under five core modules; Members Personal Accounts Module (MPA), Check off Module, General Ledger Module, Cash book Module, and Asset Register Module.

Digitizing Daily Sacco Operations

Our System is customizable to fit the different types of Saccos that currently operate within Kenya and across its borders. The system has been tried and tested in the following Saccos:

  • Employer Based Sacco
  • Business Based Sacco
  • Agricultural Based Sacco
  • Transport Based Sacco
  • Diaspora Based Sacco
  • Sports Based Sacco
  • Institutional Based Sacco

The wide array of reports easily generated by the system provide vital and intelligent information all at the touch of a button. The Check off module is an integrated feature within the system that enables loan repayments, loan interests, savings and share deposits and other accounts via deductions from an employer’s payrolls or standing orders. This can be captured either on a weekly or monthly basis. This feature has greatly impacted our current clients by saving time and ensuring accuracy of data captured being top among the stats. These reports are Sasra compliant therefore; submission of vital documentation to the regulator will be easy and automated. Credit officers can also track loan defaulters swiftly through the numerous loan reports and automatic alerts provided by the system.

Members are able to log in to their personal portals whereby they can access information such as current balances of their savings, loans or any other accounts held with the Sacco. The Sacco may also post announcements and notices on this portal so as to reach their members in good time. Members can also post enquiries, complaints and other types of feedback for quick resolution by the Sacco officials

The system is equipped with an ultra modern notification module that allows the sending of sms or emails to members on request. For example, members can receive confirmation sms after they make payments for either savings or loans. They can also opt to receive monthly statements on their emails to allow transparency and openness with regards to member accounts.

We offer a complimentary support package to our clients that consist of 6 months free support from the day of purchase. We also conduct follow ups via site visits, Skype sessions and telephone calls periodically to ensure the smooth running of the system. Customizations and upgrades are based on the severity of the project and can be tabulated on request. We offer System training to users free of charge and on successful completion issue a certificate to the system users.

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